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  • 1.

    What Is Bizzfo POS?
  • 2.

    Installing Bizzfo
  • 3.

    Create Your Hive Account
  • 4.

    How To Make A Back-up
  • 5.

    Understanding Program Setup Option
  • 6.

    Linking Bizzfo Terminals
  • 7.

    Understanding the Stock Module
  • 8.

    Product Import
  • 9.

    Recipe Import
  • 10.

    Bizzfo Supplier Invoice
  • 11.

    Cash-up - Day End
  • 12.

    Cash-up - Reporting
  • 13.

    POS Button Overview
  • 14.

    POS Button Setup
  • 15.

    Delivery Note
  • 16.

    Return Items
  • 17.

    Staff Discount
  • 18.

    User Clock-in
  • 19.

    Waitron Tips
  • 20.

    Cascading (Tots)
  • 21.

    Specials and Promo's
  • 22.

    POS Purchase Orders
  • 23.

    POS Create Debtor
  • 24.

    POS Create Creditor
  • 25.

    Loyalty Voucher
  • 26.

    Creating Users and Access Control

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What is Bizzfo POS

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Installing Bizzfo

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Create Your Hive Account

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How to make a Back-up

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Understanding Program Setups Options

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Linking Bizzfo Client PC to Server

Bizzfo Inventory Module Overview

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Importing Bizzfo Products

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Importing Bizzfo Recipes

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Bizzfo Supplier Invoice

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Cash-up: Day End

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Sending Bizzfo Summary Reports

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Bizzfo Navigation Tips - Restaurant

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Bizzfo Button Setup

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Bizzfo Point Of Sale Delivery Note

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Bizzfo Point Of Sale Return Item

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Bizzfo Point Of Sale Staff Discount

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Bizzfo Users\Staff Sales and Clock-In

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Bizzfo Tips Cash on hand

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Bizzfo Cascade: Setup Tot's

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Bizzfo Setting Special Prices Black Friday

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Bizzfo Point Of Sale Purchase Order

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Bizzfo Client List

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Bizzfo Supplier Setup

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Bizzfo Loyalty and Vouchers

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New Users and Access Control

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