How to process a stock count done from the App in the Hive

After you have sent your stock count from the App to the Hive the stock count will not yet have updated it will require you to process that pending stock count on the Hive so that the quantities will update. You can follow these steps to finalize the count:

When you are logged into the Hive go to Inventory tab and then on the stock count tab to access the pending stock counts

When in that tab you will see the pending stock counts that has not been processed yet
1. Click on one that is listed
2. Click on open
*Note the description when one is selected next to open should ether be completed or Pending. Only Pending stock counts can be processed

After you have clicked on open the counted stock sheet will load that was initiated on the App
1. Counted Qty’s
2. Process the count sheet

If you are satisfied with the counted quantities you can click on process and only after that will the quantities update to the counted quantities with a status next to the count saying complete.

Keep in mind the counted quantities on the count will become your new in stock total for those items after the stock count is processed.

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