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We have multiple options for anyone looking to Build a Business alongside or with Bizzfo. We have options from no Involvement to a Fully Functional Business Model that’s Branded.

Partnership Options

Post Background

Lead Handover

This is a simple lead handover procedure where you supply Bizzfo with a potential lead. Bizzfo contacts the client and conducts the business. You are given 15% of the Profit for the Hand-Over.


Bizzfo Reseller

Becoming a Bizzfo Reseller means that you function as part of Bizzfo’s internal Sales team. The sales you conduct will be under Bizzfo’s name and supported by Bizzfo as well in terms of Support and Training.


White Label

 Start your own Branded White Label and Grow your own Business supported by Bizzfo. We supply the Training and Support to you and your staff. Enjoy your own Branded business without hassle. 

our expertise

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Around the Clock dedicated support. We believe that our strong support will carry the level of expertise we strive for at Bizzfo.


We provide multiple forms of training from online Webinars, YouTube Library, On-site training etc. We empower o clients.

Scalable Model

Because Bizzfo handles most of what's on your plate, you are able to really open the pipeline and Scale your income. As a White Label, you have the ability to build a team around you.

Lead Submission

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Partner With Bizzfo

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