This page contains everything you need to get going and kick off your Bizzfo journey.


Now we need to create your Main Online account. This is the account you will be using to sign in your devices and collect your sales data. Below you will find the Instruction to create your first Hive Account. Write these credentials down as this will be important going forward.

Getting Started

From this platform, you can manage all of your businesses from one location. Add new branches, link users and control your data. To get started, follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to Bizzfo Hive and create your free account.
  2. Choose a username, enter your email and choose a password.
  3. Register and wait for your activation email.
  4. Start building your empire!

Now that you have your account, let's learn about our environment!

Watch this quick overview from our founder to give you some starting pointers and also gain some understanding of what this platform can offer your business.

Play Video about What is Bizzfo

Now, let's get our resources in order:

Below you will find all the help you need from our Bizzfo Help Documents, Bizzfo tutorial Video’s but also our Support channels for assistance.

Now that we have the plans for success, let's get building!

If you only require the Online Platform, you are all set! But for you Windows or Android POS, we can now start our installation process. Below you will find the very important assets for installing your Point of Sale and start trading:

This is a very important point as you will now do the Base Installation of your Point of Sale. This is only required once so pay close attention to the steps involved. If followed, you should be up and running in no time! If you have trouble at this step, please reach out to our team of qualified technicians to get you running in no time.
1. Make sure your POS is up to date
2. Make sure your Hive Account is Linked

Well done, you are ready to go!

Now let’s start by creating our first product and get trading! There are 2 ways to get stock into my system. You can add them in the Software BUT you can also fill in the Upload file and Import them if you are dealing with greater quantities of Products.

Option 1

Add items in the POS

Option 2

Upload items to the POS

You are getting closer to trading!

No we need to Set Buttons, Define our user access and we have completed our Base Setup! Below you will get Various resources to complete these steps.

We need to set our buttons up for our users if we will not be using the Scanning Interface. Below is the Help Doc to starting up:

We also have an explainer video for you directly from our team. This gives you an Holistic overview of the Button Module:

After adding Buttons, you can also add some order modifiers. Below our how to instruction to simplify your process.

Adding and managing User Profiles in the system is a very important step. This will tell the POS which user is allowed to do what. If this is not done correctly, you might have some users being blocked from items OR even staff having access to back office data. Below we have made a detailed document for your first setup and managing your access control in the best way posible:

Now that our base build is complete, we can also go one step deeper if we want. We can manage recipes, do account sales, manage our suppliers and finetune out environment to what is ideal for your Business.

Great, you are all set to go. Watch this quick video on how to complete your first sale!

One last step remaining, you need to close your shift!

Now that you have completed trading, it’s time to end your shift. Once your shift is completed, you will automatically send all data to your online account and start your new shift. Below is your resource on how to do your first cashup!

Congradulations, you have completed your onboarding!

If you are still stuck, reach out to us on Whatsapp to assist you with your on-boarding!

Also remember to keep your Bizzfo Resources Close!


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